February 12 2017

Regrowing Green Onions

Green Onions, Regrown

Maybe you’ve seen the Pinterest posts about how its possible to re-grow any number of vegetables from their roots. But, like so many things on Pinterest, you’ve probably asked “does it work?” Can you really regrow green onions from the roots?

Green Onions in a Jar
The fully regrown green onions

Well, it turns out the answer is yes! I have a healthy set of green onions growing which I have been able to use three times now for different recipes. Originally, I purchased a bunch of green onions for my Heart of Palm Dip. I did not chop them quite back to the roots, but I did cut them down to the white of their stalks.

After making my dip a few weeks back, I put the onions in a glass of water. The next day, I saw new growth. I was sure it had to be because the skin was shrinking or something, and so dismissed it.

But a week later, it was unmistakable. The green onions grew longer roots. Then they grew back to at least their original length within a week. The new growth might be a bit more flimsy than the original green stems, but it is plenty usable. So far, I’ve chopped the new growth back twice for different recipes. The hardy stalks just keep coming back.

And its a good thing they keep growing back! I find that I enjoy the flavor of green onions more than regular old white onions. I suggest using them in the Heart of Palm Sandwich instead of onion. The heart of palm salad will be so much more flavorful!

Green Onion Gravy
Doesn’t the green look pretty? It automatically looks healthier!

If my new green onion plants last long enough, I intend to plant them outside for the spring. I suspect that water is not the best medium for growing them. There’s not really enough nutrients in a glass of water to support plants long term, especially when they keep having to regrow their tops!

But while I wait for the weather to get warmer, I’m going to enjoy trying out new things with green onions. For instance, as favoring for a quick gravy – milk, flour, green onions, and a little salt. Perfect on steak and mashed potatoes. Yum!

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